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Camera Operators, Videographers, Directors of Photography

We provide award-winning Camera Operators who know how to operate a wide range of cameras, from Sony to Panasonic, from tape-based to digital-based.  Our videographers have at least 15 years of experience in the field and go out with the best equipment to suit our client’s needs.

The Camera Operator can go out as a “One-Man Band” or can team up with a Sound Technician as a crew of two, along with top-notch video and sound-recording equipment.  We can also provide Producers who know how to make the talent feel comfortable and elicit critical information in the interview.

We specialize in videotaping beautiful interviews of CEO’s, celebrities, doctors, athletes, scientists and luminaries who are the best in their fields.  We can provide green screen or colored backdrops.  We’re also adept at making non-professional talent comfortable in front of the camera.

We have been producing and shooting video since 1981 so you never have to worry about the stellar quality of our work.  Our credits speak for themselves.

Access Hollywood Interviews
“A Current Affair” Interviews
AMC “Sunday Morning Shoot-Out, San Diego Comic Con”
Deepak Choprah shoot for PBS
Deepak Chopra for Zrii
“Dream the Movie” Shoots
Elijah Wood Interview, E! Entertainment 
EMC Paradigm Instructional Series
Erin Brockovich shoot
Eva Mendez Interview, Extra!
Girls Think Tank Reaches out to Homeless
Hilary Swank Interview, Extra
History Channel “Dogfight” Interviews
Jerry Lewis Interview
Holland America Shoots
Kirsten Dunst Interview, Extra
Lucy Liu Interview, E! Entertainment 
Mail Boxes Etc. Packaging Video
Martin Luther King Parade Video
MoCa Commercial
Paul Chek Interview, Discovery Channel
Tim Bradstreet Interview, “The Punisher” DVD
Toby Maguire Interview, Extra

Tom Jane Interview, “The Punisher” DVD
Rifftrax – Christmas Special
Roger Hodgson Concert
San Diego Fire Footage
San Diego Hard Rock Hotel ”Topping Off”
San Diego Stock Footage Expedition
“Small Acts of Kindness” - Award-Winning Musical Documentary
Spiderman at San Diego Comic-Con
“The Invisible Ones: Homeless Combat Veterans” – Multiple-Award-Winning Documentary
“The Making of California Big Hunks” – A Documentary
University Town Center “The Experience”

Warner Brothers “Joey Show”


Deja Vu Love Boutique

We produced, shot and edited this television commercial for the Deja Vu Love Boutique in Vista, California.

A Short Commercial for Broadcast Television


Horton Plaza Promotional Video

Crystal Pyramid Productions produced this video for Horton Plaza in downtown San Diego. It was shown on a large screen prior to a Padres baseball game. This video was filmed by Director of Photography Mark Schulze and edited by Patty Mooney.

A Video Promoting a Local Shopping Mall


The Irrigation Association's History Video

This is the Irrigation Association’s History Video about its pioneers, shot with green screens at various conventions in the U.S. and featuring the movers and shakers of the industry, some of whom have been involved with irrigation for decades. This is the brainchild of Glenn Bowlin, IA Historian. When asked what they would do differently in regards to their careers, most of the interviewees stated that they would have gotten started sooner in the industry.  Shot by Mark Schulze and edited by Patty Mooney of award-winning San Diego video production company, Crystal Pyramid Productions.

A Legacy Video for the Irrigation Industry


Crystal Pyramid Productions Splash Reel

This is our latest demo reel featuring clips from recent video productions, with music from Ezekiel Jay Band.

Our Latest Video Demo Reel

You do such great work. It’s a pleasure to work with talented people.

Kate Peltier, Chance Morgan, Inc.

The partners and team are beside themselves. Nice work.  Thanks again.

Brent McLean, San Diego Hard Rock Hotel

I made a presentation before the A.G. Community Council this week and they applauded after watching the video.

Johnnie Perkins, Republic Services

You seriously are amazing. Thank you so much! I am so excited about this & about being able to officially launch the video.

J. Gibson, American Association for the Advancement of Science

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