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Our In-House Editor Delivers Award-Winning Video

Patty Mooney Won the Women Who Mean Business Award in 2005 and 2013

Video Editing

We use the best state-of-the-art professional editing software suite – Adobe Premiere Pro and can provide our editing services both in our studio and on-site.   Patty Mooney is our primary editor whose award-winning work has been seen on television, in corporate projects, and on the Internet.  She has edited everything from Candids videos, aka “Happy Face Videos” which have required her to keep vampire’s hours on-site at various hotels at conventions of all stripes, to documentaries, commercials, music videos and corporate training videos.

Some of her recent award-winning work includes “The Invisible Ones: Homeless Combat Veterans,” a 43-minute documentary; the Allied Waste Services’ Landfill Operations video, and New & Unique Videos stock footage demo reel.


VA Summer Sports Clinic Video

Every summer wounded veterans from all around the United States gather in San Diego for the VA’s Summer Sports Clinic. This summer we helped them out by producing this video with interviews of veterans about their experience at the Sports Clinic. They tell you how it feels for them to surf, kayak, row, cycle, climb a rock wall and perform archery. Director of Photography Mark Schulze with B-Roll clips from Chris Menzies. Sound Technician and Editor Patty Mooney.

Video with Interviews and Sports B-Roll


San Diego Fire & Rescue Department's Brush Management Video

The San Diego Fire & Rescue Department decided to disseminate a video that would instruct homeowners how to clear the brush from their property and make their homes less liable to getting consumed by raging wildfires.  This video contains contemporary High Definition footage filmed by Director of Photography Mark Schulze and Edited by Patty Mooney. Featuring local popular news reporter, Loren Nancarrow who succumbed to brain cancer in 2013.

Instructional Video for the Internet


Adventures at the Landfill

Crystal Pyramid Productions’ video production crew filmed a video over several months about Allied Waste Services’ landfill operations at their Otay and Sycamore landfills. Videographer and Director of Photography was Mark Schulze, and Sound Technician, Patty Mooney. The video features aerials of both Otay and Sycamore Landfills, as well as a timelapse video shot over six weeks while an Otay Landfill liner was installed.  This video was instrumental in winning a grant for AWS to construct a new landfill.

Video with Narration Showcasing Landfill Operations


What Would We Do Without Ray?

This video was created for Westfield Horton Plaza regarding an exemplary employee by the name of Ray Tocol. They submitted this video for an award because of Rey’s amazing work and attitude, and he ended up winning the prize.  With Videography by Mark Schulze and editing by Patty Kay Mooney.

A Video about an Exemplary Employee


The Invisible Ones: Homeless Combat Veterans

This is the multiple-award-winning documentary about homeless combat veterans as told by the veterans themselves, and those who are striving to help them. This show was shot on HDV and includes green-screen interviews interspersed with gritty on-the-street interviews. They are called “bums,” “degenerates,” “low-lifes” and “n’er-do-wells,” but some of them were highly-decorated as soldiers and risked their lives for the freedoms we Americans enjoy today. How does someone go from Purple Heart to a person barely keeping it together, sleeping under the shelter of a highway bridge at night, and feeling betrayed by the very society for whom he fought a war? There are veterans of WW2 and Korea who are homeless, but Vietnam veterans comprise the majority of homeless veterans. And now the Iraq and Afghanistan veterans are flowing onto the urban shadows of our cities, towns and villages. What can you do to help? Find out by watching this stunning documentary. (Produced by Patty Mooney and Mark Schulze of Crystal Pyramid Productions in San Diego.) Patty started a blog that features news about “The Invisible Ones” and other veterans issues and stories at Soldiers Heart Blog

A Documentary About Homeless Veterans

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