Director of Photography Honored at Most Admired CEO Awards 2011 – by Patty Mooney

Director of Photography Honored at Most Admired CEO Awards 2011 – by Patty Mooney

Our esteemed Director of Photography and Videographer, Mark Schulze, was honored this week at the San Diego Business Journal’s “Most Admired CEO Awards 2011″ Gala.  We are all so proud of Mark for his accomplishments.

In the nearly 30 years I have known him, I’ve observed that this man is a wizard at many things, and primarily in his chosen profession, video production.  I’ve seen him operate an endless array of video cameras since the day we met.  From VHS to Betacam SP; from Hi-8 to 3/4-inch; from DigiBeta to the Sony Cine Alta; from a Canon PowerShot to his current favorite, the Sony XDCam, he has proven to be fluent in the language of moving colors and ever-shifting formats.

The very first thing I ever saw him videotape was – ahem – me, as I performed with a group of philanthropic-hearted singers in a play on Valentine’s Day of 1982, called “Pandora’s Box: If Transformation is Supposed to be So Much Fun, Why Am I Gritting My Teeth?” (full story here)

On the day we met, I noticed a few things that have held true to this very day.  He arrived at the gig way ahead of time, to set up his video production equipment in the best possible spot (on a balcony overlooking the stage).  He brought enough batteries, cables, adapters and other peripheral equipment “just in case” of any problems.  In the three decades I’ve seen him operate,  he’s always been able to address any technical issues, and jury-rig solutions, on the spot, and most of the time, the client has been blissfully unaware of anything awry.

Mark’s an innovator and inventor and was the first guy in the video world to think of mounting a camera to a motorcycle helmet, leash it by cable to a VCR deck in a padded backpack, and then drop down rocky singletrack trails like a spider, wearing the unwieldy rig, in order to entertain the viewers of our mountain-bike videos.  (Mark Schulze, Inventor of the Helmet Cam)  Oh yeah, and he was the first guy to produce a mountain-biking video, as well. (“The Great Mountain Biking Video”)

So congratulations, Mark Schulze, you are certainly my most admired CEO!  Standing by for another 30 years of invention, innovation and breathtaking video production.